Sier.ra, founded in 2020, is a unique bohemian clothing brand for women that features the latest trends and handmade pieces inspired by life, color, and textiles. Sier.ra is curated with original designs and brands around the world that fit every women's style to make them feel confident and beautiful.
Sierra Bray has always had a passion for fashion since the age of 11 when she decided to stop playing sports and start sewing. Having 3 sisters, who played sports growing up, she thought it was only right to play them as well. As she got older, she attended sewing summer camps and has been obsessed with fashion ever since. Furthering her dream, she received her B.F.A in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Marketing from the Savannah College of Arts and Design.
" Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted fashion to be a big part of my life and have always wanted to create a brand of my own. As my main focus during school was to design my Senior Collection, I was also thinking about life afterwords finding what my brand would be and how I would create something fun and unique that young girls and women would love."


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